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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan International Pre-School Warfvinges Väg

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Who Are We?

Futuraskolan International Warfvinges väg is an international pre-school which follows the Swedish national curriculum. We have a space for 100 children between the ages of 1-6. We have six “base groups” and each “base group” vary in size from 15-21 children. Each “base group” is lead by a team of two to three teachers.

We focus on providing our children the opportunity to experience stimulating and engaging learning activities and recognizing their day to day development. Most importantly, we want our children to learn through playing and have fun!

Where are we?

Futuraskolan Warfvinges väg is situated in Kungsholmen with the entrance facing a little park and we have our own playground.

What do we offer and how do we work?

We work with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which is thematic way of working to compliment the Swedish national curriculum to stimulate learning in the areas of language, mathematics and natural sciences.

At our pre-school we create the pedagogical learning areas together with the children. We work on taking their interests and skills to develop specific areas that make each one of them visible, challenged, and successful! International library, natural science area, construction area, make believe area, language area, Information and communication technology area, just to name a few of the areas in our pedagogical learning environment.

English is our medium of communication and we also provide the children the opportunities to develop their Swedish language, and their mother tongue through the use of literature, events, and everyday interaction. We make use of our International language library as we believe it is important to nurture every child’s native language and culture. We embrace the cultural diversity at the pre-school. More so, we have native Swedish speaking teachers who speak and introduce the Swedish language on a daily basis.

Along with our daily activities, we are outside two hours daily. Our location provides the children with a variety of places to develop both gross and fine motor skills as well as a curiosity for nature.

Our partnership with the home is develop in many ways, one of which is through our Parents and Teachers Association (PTA). This is a forum for open dialogue with our parents where we can exchange ideas, encourage parents involvement and allow parents the opportunities to influence activities in the pre-school.

Come and visit us!

We welcome all families who are interested in a place at our pre-school to contact us or come and visit us.

Welcome to Futuraskolan International Warfvinges väg, “our home away from home”

For any inquiries regarding admissions or visiting our preschool, please send a mail to shezana.syed@futuraskolan.se.

Contact us

Pre-School Principal

Ivett Tamayo


+46 (0) 767-23 44 57


Shezana Syed


+46 (0) 723-93 68 96

Find us

Warfvinges väg 26, 112 51 Stockholm

Opening times

Futuraskolan International förskolor följer Stockholm stads regler för barnomsorg och öppettider. Vi håller öppet alla helgfria dagar utom midsommar, julafton samt nyårsafton.

Monday - Friday: 0630 - 1830

What's for lunch?

Fredag - Vecka 20

Kycklinglårfilé bakad i apelsinsås, serveras med färskpotatis & fänkålssallad
Falafel serveras med apelsinsås, färskpotatis & fänkålssallad

Torsdag - Vecka 20

Broccolisoppa & Pannkakor med sylt (till alla som ätit ordentligt med soppa&grönsaker)

Onsdag - Vecka 20

“ Veckans fångst” Brässerad i röd curry & kokosmjölk serveras med ris
Vegetarisk “Red Curry” på thailändskt vis. Serveras med jasminris

Tisdag - Vecka 20

"Elevernas Val" Sticky Pork Övernattenbakad fläskkarré glaserad med soja & honung Serveras med krispiga grönsaker, heta såser & rostade rotfrukter
Nudelwok på krispiga grönsaker & friterad tofu. Serveras med krispiga grönsaker, heta såser & rostade rotfrukter.

Måndag - Vecka 20

Fransk biffsauté serveras med cornichons, syltlök & kokt färskpotatis.
Sauté på veggiestrimlor och vårprimörer Serveras med cornichons, syltlök & kokt färskpotatis.